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About WoooWiii Magazine (1)

Introducing you, WoooWiii.

It is an aggregator-based Marketing magazine, bringing you nothing but the best marketing articles from reliable publications around the world. The articles are searched, screened through thoroughly before they are published.

The idea of setting up WoooWiii was coined back in 2016. Here we want to encourage you to work on your marketing initiatives on your own rather than depending on others. If you noticed, all the marketing articles aggregated are very much easy to understand, make a lot of sense and practical. These are handpicked by us.

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And today, this aggregator is now materialised.

Globally, there are tonnes of online magazines available, talking about so many things within the subject of Marketing itself. Despite that, we found out that more than 50% of them are too technical and very difficult to understand. 21% are inclined to promote products, mobile apps or other unnecessary tools to make your life ‘easy’ thus making their insights obviously bias. And 32% of great how-to articles are gated, or premium ones which indirectly ‘force’ you to pay for it, subscribe their newsletters or follow their social media channels before you can read it. We prefer sincere articles and we are working hard to find those for you here.

At WoooWiii, our target audience is you. As a freelancer yourself, or a business owner regardless of size of your team or perhaps you’re just looking for some marketing ideas, you deserve better and WoooWiii will help you in anyway possible to realise your initiative, by searching for the quality articles available out there, get them screened and publish them in one single platform – here. And it’s free.

What you are seeing today at WoooWiii is the first version of the magazine. The look-and-feel of it is still pretty much basic. While new articles are being searched, filtered and aggregated daily, we are working on a better experience to your liking. We are expecting an updated version of the magazine to be up and running before the 2nd quarter of 2017 ends.

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