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Actor Tom Hardy, who plays the alien symbiote Venom in the film, recently sparked a controversy with his comments that his favorite scenes haven't been included in the film.

In an interview with ComicsExplained, Tom Hardy was asked "what was your favorite scene to film?"

The actor explained: "There are, like, 30 to 40 minutes' worth of scenes that aren't in this movie ... all of them". The trailers suggest a tone that blended dark comedy with body horror, which is one hell of a concotion, and the results are seemingly interesting at the very least.

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"He was pretty much in the driving seat for a lot of it, and I did use him as my anthology and my mythology wizard", Hardy said.

The first social-media reactions to the movie poured in Monday night after the film's world premiere, and they paint a mixed picture.

The film is set to release on Friday. "The Dark Knight" [the 2008 "Batman" film] was always a huge reference point for me, personally, just as far as how far you could take a PG-13".

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Tell It to Us StraightA few fun Venom-centric moments aside, it has almost nothing to offer.

"First and foremost I'm a dad", Hardy said. "But never the less, would I like to watch a seven-hour version of Venom.yeah". It's odd that in the same year we got a movie where Hardy's doppelganger, Logan Marshall Green, is controlled by an intelligence that makes him good at fighting (Upgrade, read my review of it here), we also get Hardy Prime doing basically the same thing. Suffice to say, the mid-credits scene offers a healthy dose of fan service and hints at what a potential Venom sequel might be about.

Remarks emerged yesterday in which Hardy suggested that his favourite scenes from the movie were left on the cutting room floor.

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While we'd really love nothing more than to see a great Venom movie, our hopes for this have taken a hit after seeing a recent interview with Tom Hardy and Riz Ahmed. An atypical film in that time, the super-hero film revolves around an invisible hero and an insane general hunting the formula that makes one invisible. They have some playful banter towards the end of the video as they discuss the scenes that were cut.