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But since neither of the established political blocks are willing to form a government reliant on the support of The Sweden Democrats, the election is without a clear result.

Neither the centre-right bloc or centre-left bloc in Sweden has taken a convincing victory on a positive night for the far-right Sweden Democrats, who are in a powerful position as the third largest party based on early results.

At the party's rally on Saturday, he strongly criticised Lofven's government for "prioritising" the cause of immigrants over the needs of citizens.

JONATHAN NACKSTRAND via Getty Images Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven addresses an election campaign rally attended by Spain's prime minister in Enkoping, Sweden, on September 5, 2018. For me, when he is saying that immigrants are not welcome to Sweden ... he is trying to spread hate between the people. But in countries that are lucky enough to have a long history of political stability, there are inevitably skeletons in the closet.

"The results for the Sweden Democrats don't really change that much as far as the other parties are concerned".

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Immigration was the hot topic of the campaign, helping the steady rise in popularity of the Sweden Democrats. "The Sweden Democrats, they've divided people up into us and them". Sweden still isn't even a member of North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, though it does cooperate closely with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation on many issues. The Left Party was happy to take 7.9% of the vote, a 2.2% increase on previous form. In Sweden, they stayed and reformed.

Meanwhile, the ruling Social Democrat Party gave their worst showing in a hundred years, while their Green Party coalition partners barely exceeded the 4 percent threshold required for any parliamentary representation at all.

All traditional parties have shunned cooperation with Sweden Democrats, which makes the government formation unusually hard.

The Sweden Democrats, which have origins in the neo-Nazi movement, have spent years telling Swedes that their country is in crisis.

Sweden's national election commission reported the governing Social Democrats had 28.1 percent of the vote at a little past the midway point in the vote count from Sunday's election. This year, however, the party surged to 17.6 percent as discontent among blue collar workers and men led to an upsurge in support. Though widely condemned as an anti-immigrant party, their support among immigrants is nearly as high as their support among native Swedes. However, it would need some parliamentary support from the Social Democrats. Think "Sven the plumber" and you've got it.

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The SD also wants to leave the European Union and has proposed a "Swexit" referendum. Their leader, the 39-year-old Jimmie Akesson, attributes his success to challenging what he characterizes as the political correctness of the establishment. The fact that Åkesson himself may have a serious gambling habit -not an ideal quality in a party leader-doesn't mean he's wrong.

The recent fall in the value of the kroner, Sweden's currency, partly reflects the investor fear that Swedish politics would come to a stalemate.

Sweden, like most of Europe, has been hit by an influx of asylum-seekers, who are fleeing mainly from the Middle East, South Asia and Africa.

The Sweden Democrats, shunned by all the other parties since entering parliament in 2010, have promised to sink any Cabinet that refuses to give them a say in policy, particularly on immigration. They're tough on crime, but they support social security and universal healthcare.

During a heated debate among party leaders Friday, Akesson caused a stir by blaming migrants for the difficulties they often have in finding employment and not adjusting to Sweden. In the United States, the Democratic Party once supported slavery-until the Civil War. One option could be for one of the parties to switch alliances. Similarly, Sweden's Social Democrats may be descended from groups that once sported racist views.

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