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They were stolen from the Cathedral of Strangnas, a 900-year-old church around 80 miles from the capital, Stockholm.

The crown jewels were on display in Strangnas Cathedral situated 100 kilometers from Stockholm.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark Thieves in Sweden walked into a small town's medieval cathedral in broad daylight and stole priceless crown jewels dating back to the early 1600s before escaping by speedboat, police said today.

Eyewitness Tom Roswell spoke to NBC News' Swedish partner Aftonbladet, saying he saw two men jump into a "little white boat", and added: "We contacted the police and they told us they had taken something from the cathedral".

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The thieves have not yet been captured. Karl IX's crown is made of gold, rock crystal, enamel and pearls, and Christina's is made...

"I knew immediately they were burglars because of the way they were behaving". We have some different information about how exactly the boat looked. But all those displays, in addition to catching the eyes of thousands of visitors, seem to also have caught the attention of a number of thieves.

The items are priceless and police said they would be hard to sell on the open market.

Swedish authorities chased the men using helicopters, but so far have failed to make any arrests.

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"'It's 1-0 to them right now", a police spokesperson said, according to The Express.

Police chief spokesman Thomas Agnevik told Swedish TV the lost objects were "invaluable objects of national interest".

The theft would be logged at Interpol, enabling an global search, TT said.

"It's despicable that people would steal from a holy building", he said.

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