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The August 11 eclipse will also be the last eclipse - lunar or solar - of 2018. According to him, the next solar eclipse to be visible partially across India will be on December 26, 2019.

The solar Eclipse on 11 August will be held from 11:02 to 14:30 Kiev time, and its peak is expected at 12:46. In Lunar eclipse, earth comes between Sun and Moon.

When will the solar eclipse happen?

The most of the Solar eclipse 2018 in August will appear in the Northern part of the World.

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According to astronomer Eleanor Imster, the total solar eclipse "will be visible along a narrow path cutting across the South Pacific, Chile and Argentina". A Solar eclipse takes place when The Earth, Moon and Sun come in a straight line.

On August 11, some parts of the world will be witnessing the partial solar eclipse. Eastern Time and move over the northeastern edges of Canada, including parts of Nunavut, before reaching Greenland, Iceland and the northern parts of Europe, Russia and China. As the Earth rotates continuously on its axis, it also rotates the Sun in the Solar System. The moon will cover the 35% and 20% of the Sun in these cities.

The solar eclipse will be visible from a number of countries and offer millions of people the chance to glimpse the unique astronomical event.

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Accordingly, the moon will be near "perigee", the closest point to Earth in the moon's orbit.

Northern China and eastern Russian Federation will be able to view it in the afternoon local time. Others will only see 5% of it disappear as if the Moon took a small bite from the Sun. You can see more of Jubier's photos of Saturday's eclipse on his Facebook page. Skywatchers should use binoculars, a telescope or optical camera viewfinder to watch the eclipse.

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