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Hats off to Nintendo - they really are blowing away everyone's expectations about Smash Bros.

Here's the breakdown of all the new additions if you missed the livestream. Richter from Castlevania was also announced as an echo fighter. His stage is Dracula's Castle, with candlesticks that release an item when destroyed. It boasts a number of Gothic enemies to battle, including Dracula himself every "blue moon", as well as Alucard as an assist trophy.

Well, purists will be in luck when Super Smash Bros. Ultimate roster as an Echo fighter. Finally, King K.Rool from Donkey Kong will also be part of the character roster. Ultimate? Could it maybe be the "streamlined way to unlock fighters" that Sakurai mentioned at E3? He attacks with a blunderbuss that can fire cannonballs at opponents, and throws his crown, which acts like a boomerang.

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In addition to playable characters, Sakurai detailed information on new stages, assist trophies, items, and game modes.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will release 7 December for Nintendo Switch.

Fans of the classic game recognised "Bloody Tears" and "Monster Dance" as sound tracks from the NES title Castlevania II: Simon's Quest, which suggested protagonist Simon Belmont will become the new fighter. Combine this with Phil Spencer already stating in the past that he wants to see Banjo and Kazooie in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate have move sets based on other fighters, but a different visual appearance.

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Echo Fighters: Richter Belmont wasn't the only Echo Fighter revealed - we're also getting Chrom from the Fire Emblem series (an echo of Roy) and Dark Samus (I think you can guess who she's an echo of). When stacked, players can change between them with the press of a button.

Were you at all traumatised by what happened to Luigi in the latest Smash Bros. Ultimate that revealed plenty of exciting new details.

The game will feature 103 stages, or 100 if Battlefield/Big Battlefield/Final Destination are excluded, and all stages are unlocked from the start. You can disable all stage hazards if you like, or select two stages before a match that will unpredictably "morph" into each other.

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Stages and music will be grouped by franchise, so if you're playing on a Legend of Zelda-themed stage, you'll be able to pick any song from The Legend of Zelda franchise as your battle's backing track. Clearly, Nintendo is looking to deliver in spades and have Ultimate live up to its name. History, including those that were offered through downloadable content (DLC) in the past, alongside a couple of new ones, not all past stages would feature in the game.