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He tweeted "If during the Clinton or Obama Administrations there had been a statement from POTUS or anyone senior official in the morning before the Employment Report it would have been a major scandal-with all sorts of investigations following on".

Larry Kudlow, director of the National Economic Council, confirmed that he told the president about the numbers on Thursday night aboard Air Force One. Eastern Time the next morning.

The strong employment report also hinted at a labor market squeeze that could leave employers struggling to find qualified workers, slowing job growth and lifting wages.

Social media users saw the message as evidence that Mr. Trump had seen the numbers, and that they were good.

When the report was released it showed the unemployment rate had fallen to 3.8 percent, the lowest in 18 years, as the economy continued to add jobs at a rapid pace. "I don't he gave anything away incidentally. I think it's according to the routine".

The May jobs numbers, released Friday morning, were excellent.

N. Korea summit may go ahead as diplomacy heats up
About three weeks later, Albright made a historic reciprocal trip to Pyongyang to try to arrange a North Korea trip by Clinton. Moon said on Monday there could be more impromptu talks between the two Koreas in the lead-up to the summit.

Several hours after the report was officially released, Trump, speaking at a U.S. Coast Guard change-of-command ceremony, said the jobs data represented "yet one more historic milestone".

Still, a 1985 government rule prohibits officials from commenting on the jobs report until one hour after release, something Trump administration officials have done on various occasions.

All employees of the Executive Branch who receive prerelease distribution of information and data estimates as authorized above are responsible for assuring that there is no release prior to the official release time. Officials aren't supposed to comment on the figures until at least an hour after the data has been released.

The goal of the rule should be self-evident.

The president's suggestion may have run afoul of a federal rule that says executive-branch employees with early access to the data should make sure there is no release of the information ahead of the designated time.

The report showed that the U.S.

Gunman Kills 3 in Belgium before being Shot Dead by Police
"Police intervened, he came out firing on the police officers, wounding several, before he was killed", Dulieu said . When asked about the report that the attack was terror-related, Firket said: "I know nothing formal about that".

Former press secretary to George W. Bush, Ari Fleischer, who has often come to Trump's defense on a number of issues, also decried the president's early tweet. All of these people, including the President are governed by the same rule. Last year, in a White House meeting with Russia's foreign minister and ambassador, he revealed highly classified information about a top-secret Israeli military operation (he was in the process of bragging to the Russian officials about the quality of his intelligence reports).

The jobs data come out once a month and can lead to massive buying or selling trends on Wall Street, depending on how the information is received.

Gold extended its declines, while bond yields moved higher after Trump's tweet.

At least one close observer of US financial markets viewed Trump's tweet as unusual.

That's important because economists worry that people who are out of work for long periods can see their skills erode.

The president in August 2017 touted the July report on Twitter roughly 15 minutes after the data had been publicized. There's something truly disconcerting about that.

ISIS claims attack on Afghan Interior Ministry
He said the attackers set off a suicide vehicle bomb at the entrance to the station before three suicide bombers tried to enter. All 10 attackers - three suicide bombers and seven gunmen - were killed by security forces, the Interior Ministry confirmed.