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On the night of 4 June, the private company SpaceX Elon musk has made a successful launch of the carrier rocket Falcon 9 from the spaceport at Cape Canaveral (Florida).

SpaceX aims to lower launch costs by reusing rockets. It was the 56th launch of a Falcon 9 rocket, SpaceX's 11th flight so far this year and the company's fifth launch for SES. But it ditched the recycled booster in the Atlantic following liftoff. The spent stage then fell away and the single engine powering the second stage took over to continue the trip to space.

Musk has referred to the Block 5 as the "finished version" of SpaceX's Falcon 9, as it has been created to endure up to 100 flights in a single lifespan.

The first time she went into space in September 2017, bringing into orbit a military spacecraft X-37B Orbital Test Vehicle.

Instead, the satellite will rely on electric propulsion, using pulses of xenon gas to slowly circularize its orbit around the equator over a period of months. "It's basically two satellites in one".

Killed, Over 2000 Evacuated As Guatemalan Volcano Erupts, City Airport Shut
Another 20 people have been injured, and more than 2,000 evacuated near the volcano and several cities, including Antigua. Mario Cruz, a spokesman for the volunteer firefighter corps, said 3,100 people had evacuated the area so far.

SpaceX spokesman James Gleeson said, in an emailed statement to Agence France-Presse, that the company "is still planning to fly private individuals around the moon and there is growing interest from many customers".

Martin Halliwell, Chief Technology Officer at SES said, "More content". So we're going really high.

It fired off from Florida's Cape Canaveral Air Force Station at 5:45am BST (00:45 ET) and successfully deployed the SES-12 satellite 32 minutes after lift-off. After extensive tests and checkout, SES-12 should enter operational service early next year.

The SES-12 satellite is able to carry more communications loads as it carries very little chemical fuel, which is used by most spacecraft to maneuver and hold their positions.

SES-12 is capable of supporting requirements in multiple verticals from Cyprus in the West to Japan in the East, and from Russian Federation in the North to Australia in the South.

Facebook to remove 'trending' news stories section following years of controversy
The company continued to modify the section , but Facebook said that over time it became less useful to users. On Friday, Facebook minimized Trending Topics' impact in a blog post announcing the change.

The communications satellite SES-12, weighing near about 5.4-ton is created to provide data, video, and other services reinforcing communications across the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific area.

Industry projections show a five-fold increase in aircraft use of broadband services over the next five years, a doubling of maritime users and up to a million or more additional "connected enterprises".

And satellite internet service promises to grow at an equally astronomical rate.

"We believe around there are 1 billion people in the Asia-Pacific market that still don't have good connectivity to the devices you're all holding in your hands right now", John-Paul Hemingway, CEO of SES Networks, told reporters before the launch. "And satellite is one, and sometimes the only, way to connect 2G, 3G and 4G to those markets".

Trump pardons Dinesh D'Souza, says lifestyle maven Stewart may be next
Blagojevich was convicted for corruption for a number of actions, including an attempt to sell the U.S. Senate campaign in the names of others. "He was treated very unfairly by our government".