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Some big ISPs have said they have no plans to throttle internet traffic. The Federal Communications Commission voted to repeal the rules in December of previous year.

Happening today: Rules that prevented internet providers (like Comcast) from slowing or speeding up service to some sites (like Netflix) are no longer in effect.

"Net neutrality ensures equal access to online content regardless of who is providing or requesting information", Florian Schaub, an assistant professor at the University of MI who specializes in internet privacy, wrote in a paper recently published in the academic journal Media and Communication. Moving forward, the FCC no longer has the full authority to police bad behavior by broadband monopolies like AT&T, Verizon and Comcast, thanks to the Trump FCC's decision to gut classification of ISPs as common carriers.

"Consumers won't notice the shift at first, but over time the internet will become unrecognizable", she said. "These positive and profound benefits of a free and open internet - among many others - are here to stay".

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Under net neutrality, Internet providers had to treat all users equally.

A new set of rules at the Federal Communications Commission went into effect Monday, ending consumer protections that assure equal legal broadband access that doesn't slow or block certain sources. Call our state representatives, call our senators, cry ourselves to sleep, pay more for services we love dearly and hope that our congress does something to right this wrong. "Any Republican seeking re-election in the fall can't run from this polling data or from the people back home who demand real net neutrality".

"Congress can still overrule the FCC and restore net neutrality", said Evan Greer, deputy director of Fight For the Future, which as advocated for strong net neutrality rules. The repeal will also let ISPs charge websites or online services for priority access to consumers.

Net Neutrality protections prohibited internet providers from favoring or blocking access to particular products or websites. They're anxious the providers will charge consumers extra to reach particular sites and services in a speedy manner, either by directly billing them or by charging companies like Netflix, which could be expected to pass on the costs to their subscribers.

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Any changes now, while the spotlight is on net neutrality, could lead to a public relations backlash.

Today marks the official end to the FCC Net Neutrality rules. Pai's administration announced its initial review of net neutrality practices over the summer, prompting tech companies like reddit and Netflix to simulate a slower Internet.

Some states are trying to ensure that net neutrality is in effect, these states include Washington, Montana, and NY; other states have legislation pending. Many Democrats say the issue will help motivate younger people to vote in congressional elections this November, when all 435 seats in the House and a third of the 100-member Senate will be up for grabs.

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