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Nintendo didn't mess around during its E3 presentation. According to Nintendo America, the Switch is the fastest selling game console in history. And it's free to download. Fortnite on Switch, it goes without saying, will be huge.

There are as many answers to questions like those as there are ways to play Nintendo's mashup brawler series, and the franchise's newest entry, on display during today's Nintendo Direct E3 edition, seems like a love letter to all the games' millions of fans. Characters previously released as paid downloadable content are also included in the game.

Nintendo knows how big Ultimate will be. Newcomers may be more limited this time but Inklings and Ridley will get folks pretty pumped. There was a healthy sample of stages in the demo I played, but not too many noticeable new stages outside of the aforementioned Breath of the Wild stage.

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Each of the classic stages retain their original mechanics and quirks - Electrode still pops out from Silph co. on the roof in Saffron City, for example - but all of them have been given a fresh coat of paint to match the game's more detailed aesthetic. A new title card screen pops up before each fight, showing large portraits of each character before the battle begins. And, in short, it looks great.

Another scene showed two couples camping out in the wilderness, playing a game that required them to set two Switch consoles back-to-back, and physically split up to whisper and strategize with each other.

Ain't no party like a Mario party, because a Mario Party don't stop. I expected Nintendo to essentially port the Wii U version of the game.

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As you might expect, the game has received quite a few new improvements. Commonly described as "clones" in the Smash world, Sakurai gave the new term to characters who are closely inspired by others on the roster, like Lucina and Dark Pit. The debut trailer showed off the new visual style for combat: planning your moves uses the familiar aerial-view grid, but once your units move in for the attack, the camera zooms in to show 3D battles with full infantry for a look resembling Fire Emblem Warriors.

"But aside from Fortnite, there were no major third-party surprises, which is perhaps a little disappointing, although also a reflection of the seasonality of Nintendo's business, with lots of releases coming towards the end of the year".

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