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"Net neutrality ensures equal access to online content regardless of who is providing or requesting information", Florian Schaub, an assistant professor at the University of MI who specializes in internet privacy, wrote in a paper recently published in the academic journal Media and Communication.

"It is incumbent on the House of Representatives to listen to the voices of consumers, including the millions of Americans who supported the FCC's 2015 net neutrality order, and keep the internet free and open for all", they said in a letter Thursday.

The proposal by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to lift what chairman Ajit Pai described as "heavy-handed, utility-style regulations" on broadband internet service providers (ISPs) was first mooted late previous year. Continue reading to find out what changes today and what lies ahead for the charged issue. They couldn't slow down or block websites and apps of their choosing.

The broadband providers typically frame this issue as wanting to be able to give special treatment to certain applications, where having extremely low lag times could mean the difference between life and death.

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FCC Chairman Ajit Pai has said the agency under Obama overstepped its authority when it imposed the 2015 regulations. "For example, we empower the Federal Trade Commission to police internet service providers for anticompetitive acts and unfair or deceptive practices", Pai wrote.

What's more, internet advocates have always been concerned that if broadband providers are able to create so-called fast lanes to particular sites and services, they will in effect slow down traffic to all other locations on the internet. I think the airlines can do that.

Pai's primary defense of the FCC's new lax rules on ISPs is the "transparency rule", which requires ISPs to notify consumers of any policies that violate previous Net Neutrality guidelines.

Media captionWhat is net neutrality and how could it affect you? "The fight to restore net neutrality rules has new urgency today and moving forward as we continue to work in the House of Representatives to repeal the FCC's bad decision". Those Obama-era rules prevented ISPs from blocking or slowing legal traffic, or from being paid for prioritized, faster delivery.

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However, in the op-ed Pai does not defend against any of the common arguments for Net Neutrality.

Over the past year, Google and the social media monopolies Facebook and Twitter have moved to implement a regime of internet censorship at the behest of the United States intelligence agencies, for which the Democrats have served as the mouthpieces. So the carriers are going to look for greater opportunities to diversify their packages, to expand what they offer you. But other tech companies and many content providers support a neutral internet. "It's business as usual on the internet today - movies are streaming, e-commerce is thriving, and advocates are using the internet to make their voices heard", Jonathan Spalter, president and CEO of the broadband industry group USTelecom, stated today.

In the wake of the FCC's repeal of its net neutrality rules, several states have adopted their own protections. In Montana and NY, governors signed executive orders that uphold the Obama-era net neutrality regulations. OR followed in Washington's footsteps in April, passing its own net neutrality law.

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