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Randall promised to buy everyone who retweeted his post a jersey if the Cleveland Cavaliers defeat the Golden State Warriors in the NBA Finals. Damarious Randall, a cornerback traded to the Browns this offseason from Green Bay, is offering sports fans a free jersey of their choice. The apparent Warriors fan tweeted out that if the Cavaliers win the Larry O'Brien Trophy over the heavily favored Warriors, any fans that retweet him will get a bonus: A new jersey.

Randall, 25, couldn't possibly fulfill his promise, even though he doubled down five minutes after the original tweet was sent by writing on Twitter there's a "100 percent chance" he would deliver.

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"I don't think any Cavs fans would sell me any tickets anymore", he said.

"I definitely didn't think the Cleveland fan base would go this insane about it", Randall said, via ESPN's Pat McManamon.

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If the wholesale price is still too expensive, Randall he could always try to defray the cost by getting everyone knockoff CVAS jerseys from China. Given that Randall is set to earn just under $1.1 million next year, we sense a lot of Cavs fans are going to be disappointed when he can't fulfill his promise. This deal is going to be hard to follow through on should the Cavaliers upset the Warriors - which is a long shot at the moment - and Randall's retweet number is climbing rapidly.

Damarious Randall is now a little under $90 million in debt-at least if a tweet amounts to a verbal contract. "But at the end of the day, I mean they are both great, great players, and I definitely respect everything that LeBron has done for this community and for this city and state".

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"I am not anti-[LeBron James]", Randall said. "Obviously it got the whole world excited about it, and now I'm actually excited about it". "I try to take our team through those lessons because I think that it is important". Now Randall's evidently going to have courtside seats for two NBA Finals games while cheering for Curry.