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Bourdain had been in the area filming an episode with his CNN crew for a segment on Alsatian food.

"They all just sat on the ground".

Many people thought Anthony Bourdain had the most enviable career in existence. He did look exhausted the day of the tattoo shoot. "But he probably wasn't used to sitting on the floor either". "He touched the lives of chefs, everyday people, drug addicts, everybody".

"A visionary", Nasti, the Chambard chef, would say Saturday of his lost guest and friend, offering his condolences to Bourdain's family "and all those around the world who he caused to dream". "And once you were drawn in, it was about the experience, it was about the connection, it was about his interaction - his interactions with people".

Anthony Bourdain's culinary passions went far beyond the cuisine he put on a plate.

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New Jersey offers a 24-7 peer hotline for veterans - 1-866-838-7654 (VETS-NJ-4) - that offers current and former service members confidential peer counseling and references to mental health professionals. "Everyone who worked with him were close friends with him".

Rather than celebrating the latest overpriced culinary fads that remain the exclusive purview of the global elite, he seemed more happy in his television shows to muse over a bowl of spicy noodles, home-cooked fare or grilled street meats after a night out on the town in one destination or another.

But the 83-year-old, a longtime editor at The New York Times, said this is typical for France. "Always quick with a witticism, always quick with a bit of wisdom", Ricker wrote in a social media post on June 9.

"It is the whole family of French gastronomy that joins me, to renew our deep friendship to our bereaved American brothers", he added. He just felt so much passion for what he did and what he saw. But knowing the details will not help in the understanding. "RIP anh [brother] Tony". "Parts Unknown" was preceded by "No Reservations", on the Travel Channel. Three days before his death, chef Alexis Schonstein posted on Instagram a photo of the star with staff at the eatery, writing, "Very nice memory! And we're the lucky ones", he told the publication. May he RIP, Chef Anthony. He taught us about food - but more importantly, about its ability to bring us together. It was a honor to have met you and Chef Jet.

"This is killer", Obama told Bourdain, as he dove in for more.

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"I was surprised and sad when I heard about (Bourdain's) death", Nguyen Thi Nga, co-owner of Bun Cha Huong Lien, told AFP. In 2015, Wang had the chance to relay his gratitude in person.

"The book was fun, smart, sharp-in-tongue, provocative - and most of all, extremely hard to translate", he said of the book, adding he took six months to translate it into Thai.

Outside Les Halles, a French brasserie on Park Avenue in Manhattan, mourners left flowers and poured messaged of hope and sadness into notes about how the chef changed their lives. The much-discussed decline of religion and civic participation has diminished the camaraderie of daily life.

"So I did not have a chance to meet him ... and now I will never meet him".

A source told People that Bourdain was on a tight film schedule, leaving him "absolutely exhausted".

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"I deeply resented the relative stability at my house".