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According to ABC News, Donald Trump indicated earlier this week that he would like to hold the summit in the demilitarized zone between North Korea and South Korea, the location of the recent meeting of South Korean President Moon Jae-In and Kim Jong Un.

US President Donald Trump has on Friday said that the time and place for his much-anticipated meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un will shortly be made public.

Trump and Moon are expected to talk about the president's upcoming meeting with Kim, the leader of the Hermit Kingdom, the press release said.

However, South Korea and USA have been saying that the unprecedented pressure against North Korea brought Kim Jong-un to the dialogue table. In 1958, the US stationed tactical nuclear weapons aimed at the North in South Korea.

Moon came to power previous year with a promise to try to improve North-South relations. In retaliation, the US has led the United Nations, including North Korea's close ally China, to impose the most stringent economic sanctions ever on the country.

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North and South are now vastly different societies, one a democratic member of the OECD club of developed countries, and the other an impoverished, hereditary one-party state left isolated by its pursuit of nuclear weapons.

Then-CIA Director Mike Pompeo, before taking office as USA secretary of state, met Kim last month and reported the North Korean leader was not demanding the withdrawal of all US forces as a precondition for a summit with Trump.

After a hard 2017 that saw President Trump threaten the North with "fire and fury" and brand Kim a "Little Rocket Man", 2018 has brought something of a diplomatic thaw. Nonetheless, while Trump is certainly the most unpredictable president ever, it seems unlikely he will cancel.

"The Bush administration did nothing", Trump said in February. Trump's base is presently enamoured with the idea of him winning a Nobel Peace Prize.

ReutersDonald Trump has previously threatened to "destroy" North Korea.

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Second, Kim's successful summit with Chinese President Xi Jinping in late March reduced the credibility of American threats of war and sanctions.

Besides, Trump has been dealing with Kim from a position of strength so far. He reportedly ran a trade and hotel service company in Rason, a special economic zone on North Korea's border with Russian Federation. Trump is to push North Korea to give up its nuclear weapons. In contrast, I predict, the North will suggest a slower approach and extend the discussion to American weapons. Kim's approval rating in South Korea spiked from just 10 percent in March to almost 80 percent as of this week, according to a recent poll.

The North and the South have recently stated that USA military bases can remain in South Korea - an unprecedented Northern concession. Trump is the largest unknown.

Two of the three detainees - Kim Hak-song and Kim Sang Duk, also known as Tony Kim - were imprisoned in 2017 when Trump was in office.

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