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So, considering there are about 10 million Australian Android users, the amount comes to between $445 million and $580 million a year, notes The Daily Telegraph. "We are aware of the reports in the media and we have asked Google to advise whether they are accurate", a spokesman for Australia's biggest telecom company Telstra said.

Responding to the latest privacy concerns surrounding Google, a spokesman for the USA based search engine operator said the company has users' permission to collect data.

Working for software firm Oracle, they believe that Google has been using one gigabyte of Android users' monthly mobile phone data to access their messages in the background. The Australian investigations are set to focus on allegations made by Oracle Corp in a report provided as part of an Australian review into the impact that Google, owned by Alphabet Inc, and Facebook have on the advertising market. Regulators found that telecom service customers are unknowingly paying for gigabytes of mobile data mined by the USA tech giant. This, in turn, helped the advertisers to work out on which level of a shopping mall was the target consumer at.

US President Donald Trump says working on to solve ZTE issue
If Trump was announcing a huge concession with his tweet, it was without any indication of what he might have gotten in return. Prior to announcing his run for president, meanwhile, Trump frequently tweeted about China stealing U.S. jobs.

Even when an individual's location service is disabled, Android would gather the addresses of nearby cellular towers and then share this data with Google, a practice it began at the start of 2017, according to the Quartz report. This data includes location information regardless of whether a user has turned off their location or does not have a SIM card.

"The ACCC met with Oracle and is considering information it has provided about Google services", said Geesche Jacobsen, a spokeswoman for the competition regulator. But it does not appear to mention the constant monitoring in the background when Maps is not in use.

However, beaming that much data back to Google costs gigabytes of mobile data that customers have unknowingly have been unknowingly paying for thinking that it reflects their data usage.

She Was Forced to Marry. He Raped Her, So She Killed Him
Sudan is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for gender inequality with violence against women and girls rampant. Because Noura was a victim of rape, many are calling for her release, and for her not to be punished at all.

Meanwhile, a Google spokesperson has told The Queensland Times that Oracle's presentation was "sleight of hand" and that users can see and control what data the Google collects and how it is being used by visiting the My Account section. Everyone who uses Google services must agree to these terms and conditions, but there is now a debate over whether this consent is valid.

USA software company Oracle has always been involved in a dispute with Google over the infringed use of Oracle's Java intellectual property.

NASA helicopter to fly on Mars during next mission
They hope that it will prove the technology for future flight explorations of Mars and provide more data on the atmosphere. The Mar's helicopter carries twin blades, which whirls about ten times the blades of the aircraft on the Earth's surface.