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In March, when Fitbit announced its second smartwatch, the Fitbit Versa, the company also promised female health tracking and Android quick replies were on the way.

While Android users may not be getting female health tracking in the Fitbit app until later this month, they are getting their own platform-specific feature.

Fitbit is not the first app to offer period tracking to women.

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As you continue to log your cycle and symptoms each month, the female-health tracking app will get smarter as it tailors to your patterns. Whether you're using the stock messaging app, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger, users can send off a quick reply that's a default "yes", "no", etc, or something custom and personal.

As for quick replies, you get five pre-set options, including "Yes", "No", "Sounds good!", "Can't talk now", "Will reply later", and "What's up?", which you can easily customize to your liking as long as you don't go over a 60-character limit. The new feature is only available on the Fitbit Ionic and the Versa. Fitbit also upped the customization ante by giving wearers the ability to fully customize the smartwatch, offering a variety of apps like Starbucks, Strava, and Flipboard, as well as a number of custom clock faces - the brand says there's already over 550 apps and clock faces now available. The first Fitbit wearables were originally released in May 2013.

On the Ionic and Versa meanwhile, you can now track where you are in your cycle, view when your period is expected, and predict your upcoming fertile window in the on-device dashboard (by swiping up from the clock face). There will also be groups in Fitbit's Community service for women to connect over.

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The app will also push general information about menstrual cycles, ovulation, fertility and common misconceptions from the company's blog.

Enter a simple but detailed and comprehensive tool aiming to help the ladies gain a better understanding of how their body works, as well as providing "personalized insights" into how your cycle impacts your activity, sleep, weight and nutrition, and "potentially how these things can affect your cycle". The list of partners includes excom, Diplomat Pharmacy Inc., Fitabase, Go365, Limeade, One Drop, Sickweather and Walgreens.

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