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In the four-minute commentary on gun violence, Gambino starts out grooving along to the beat of an acoustic guitar player, only to end up in committing murder, as he grabs a gun and shoots a man in the back of a head.

Hiro Murai, Glover's frequent collaborator on Atlanta, directed the video.

Then, it happens again as he opens fire on an entire choir of gospel singers. The video's choreographer, Sherrie Silver, retweeted a comment, perhaps in agreement, from someone who argued: "Childish Gambino's dance moves distracted all of us from the craziness that was happening in the background of the video & that's exactly the point he's trying to make". And despite the handsome distractions in life, it's important to acknowledge and stay focused on the injustices that surround us at any given second.

Bahrain to face UAE, India, Thailand at Asian Cup 2019
The Red Warriors will also face-off against Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan, who occupy the other two spots in the group. The top 24 teams from all over Asia, including hosts UAE, were drawn into six groups of four teams each.

This repeated exposure to acts of violence - even when that exposure comes vicariously through the media - has had a numbing effect on Americans. This is a jarring listen punctuated by sweeping structural and sonic dissonance: lovely, choral folk melodies are carefully gestated and then cut abruptly, substituted for surgical, sonicboom bass pulses and Gambino's harsh verse. The camera is deliberately focused only on Gambino dancing and rapping in the foreground while the chaotic scenes of unrest play on in the background. Its jarring universe is redolent of "The Sunken Place" in Jordan Peele's 2017 social horror-thriller Get Out.

References to Black Lives Matter, the Charlottesville Unite The Right rally, the Charleston church shooting, as well as police shootings, and terrorism abound.

A new album is expected later this year, with Glover set to appear in fall wit Rae Sremmurd and Vince Staples.

The unemployment rate dropped to 3.9 percent. Here's what that means
Still, the Fed signaled on Wednesday that it won't be overly concerned if inflation rises a bit above 2% for a few months. Economists interpreted symmetric to mean policymakers would not be too anxious with inflation overshooting the target .

Within the first few moments of the music video, the rapper shoots someone dead with much nonchalance.

This is not your ordinary, run-of-the-mill music video with flashy cars and flashing money.

"This is America" has already set the bar for his swansong album. It's important as both a statement of artistry, and for the context in which it arrives, and we should break those things down piece-by-piece.

Bug exposed Twitter passwords
Twitter's announcement comes just a few days after GitHub revealed a similar bug that exposed some plaintext passwords . User passwords were "written to an internal log before completing the hashing process".