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He became the first person to ever hold the title twice and held it for an additional three-and-a-half years. He became the beloved heavyweight champion of the world. He initially got into powerlifting as a teenager, but when his feats of strength drew the attention of promoters, he became a pro wrestler, joining Vince McMahon Sr.'s WWWF after stints in a few smaller wrestling companies.

His 187 sellouts of Madison Square Garden as the marquee attraction is still a jaw-dropping statistic. Many wrestlers during his era aimed to connect with fans via World War II-based storylines - heroes and villains alike - but Sammartino could tell his tale without unnecessary embellishment, and the fans ate it up. Bruno Samartino with Steven McMahon. He passed away peacefully with his wife wife and two kids by his side this afternoon.

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In a statement published on WWE.com, the American company today said it was saddened to learn of his passing.

The WWE has a great obituary and history of Bruno Sammartino on its site and we recommend you read it. Like so many of us, his immigrant family moved here to build a new life, and through his uncommon strength and surprising grace he embodied the spirit of Pittsburgh on the world stage. His first reign of 2,803 days remains the longest in the history of WWE. When the Nazis occupied his hometown of Abruzzo, Sammartino and his mother hid in the Valla Rocca mountains.

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Going by the nickname of "The Italian Superman", Sammartino was considered one of the ultimate good guys in the ring.

Bruno became an overnight sensation, connecting with not only fellow Italians, but also the Latino, Greek and Jewish communities, successfully bridging the gap in America's melting pot of wrestling fans. He won the belt from "The Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, then defended it against the likes of Gorilla Monsoon, Killer Kowalski, "Big Cat" Ernie Ladd, and George "The Animal" Steele.

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With the WWWF reigning as the top wrestling promotion in the NY area, Bruno Sammartino became the company's second world champion, defeating Buddy Rogers on May 17, 1963.