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The Trans Pacific Partnership, a deal Trump once described as a "rape of our country", is a multicountry trade agreement in which the USA participated under President Obama.

New Zealand Trade Minister David Parker says it isn't clear yet "how real it is" given the differing views about the deal held within the US administration. For years, these countries have taken advantage of the U.S.by throwing up barriers to USA exports while enjoying the benefits of the US economy uninhibited.

The news drew a rebuke from opponents of the multilateral trade pact. Several of the countries might insist that the USA accept the existing agreement as a whole as a requirement for rejoining. "This will include the countries in TPP, which are very important", he said.

On the heels of bombshell news that President Donald Trump is exploring the possibility of rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the United States is seeking to contain expectations.

Ministers from Japan, Australia and Malaysia had welcomed President Donald Trump directing officials to explore returning to the TPP, but they also cautioned against making any significant changes.

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He adds, though, that it would be hard to renegotiate only parts of it, describing the agreement as delicate. The question is whether Trump is serious about rejoining the TPP or is just using the threat of doing so as a means of gaining leverage with the Chinese. Japan was among the 11 other countries that signed it last month without the U.S. He has previously said he might reconsider the deal.

Trump tweeted that he "would only join TPP if the deal were substantially better" than the one negotiated by his predecessor, Barack Obama.

Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse says Trump said during a White House meeting with Midwest governors and lawmakers that he had "deputized" USA trade representative Robert Lighthizer and economic adviser Larry Kudlow to look into the US rejoining the TPP. China's government has denied President Xi Jinping's promises this week to cut import tariffs on cars and open China's markets wider were intended as an overture to settle a tariff dispute with Washington. And for the U.S.to try to get back in once we've already left the deal is going to be even more complicated than it was when we were trying to negotiate the deal from the center of the table.

At a Pentagon news conference alongside Mattis, and with British and French military officers beside them to emphasize allied unity, Gen. Joseph Dunford said the attacks targeted mainly three targets in western Syria. Trump's rejection of the deal has rattled allies and raised questions at home about whether protectionism will impede USA economic growth.

When President Trump announced the United States' withdrawal from TPP, AFBF President Zippy Duvall encouraged the White House to continue to expand export opportunities for farmers and ranchers. Trump has warned that he could levy tariffs on $150 billion in Chinese goods, prompting Beijing to threaten retaliatory measures aimed at American soybeans, airplanes and other products. He's meeting at the White House with the governors of Iowa, Nebraska and North Dakota and several Midwest senators and House members.

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"You'd need a whole renegotiation", he said. And then yesterday, he told a group of lawmakers that he was looking into rejoining the TPP.

President Trump in the past made no secret of the fact that he did not like the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

An array of business executives are expressing alarm to federal lawmakers Thursday about the impact that tariffs will have on their business.

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Secondly, in domestic interests, President Trump will have to negotiate with the U.S. Congress.

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