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"There was a loud boom", said passenger Sheri Sears. Some passengers wondered if they would ever hug their children again. During the incident, he logged on to the in-flight Wi-Fi to send messages to his family.

While the airline hasn't officially confirmed that Shults flew the plane that was diverted to Philadelphia Tuesday, passengers have identified her as the pilot.

But long before her quick-thinking maneuvers softly landed the damaged Southwest plane, Shults was a pioneer among female fighter pilots and faced resistance to even enlist.

Pastor Bourman said he could not figure out how to use his mask, and decided it would not save him if the plane crashed. That engine failure depressurized the cabin but didn't send debris into the plane.

One passenger died at a hospital.

Frightened passengers on board the Dallas-bound flight braced for impact as oxygen masks muffled their screams.

"It seemed like two minutes and it seemed like two hours", McGinty told reporters, a bandage on an arm he scraped while trying to save the woman.

Ms Riordan was killed and seven others were injured after the twin-engine 737 blew an engine at 30,000 feet on Tuesday and got hit by shrapnel. That incident prompted the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration to propose a year ago that similar fan blades undergo ultrasonic inspections and be replaced if they failed.

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A World Bank report cautioned that macroeconomic stability in Pakistan was a major concern for the near-term economic outlook. Global trade would fall 15 percent after five years and 16 percent in the long run under such a scenario, it said.

"She brought the team together", said Szuch.

Transportation Safety Board chairman Robert Sumwalt said Riordan was sitting next to the window and wearing her seatbelt when the window came out of the plane.

She waved off the accolades, saying it sometimes was easier to be the pilot in such a situation than to be a passenger.

Photos of the plane on the tarmac showed a missing window and a chunk gone from the left engine, including part of its cover. After a brief period of on-air silence, she adds, "They said there's a hole and. and, uh, someone went out".

"The whole thing was a little surreal, my training was awesome.it kicked in, I did what needed to be done", she said.

It is too soon for them to know if they will pursue legal action against the airline or the plane or engine manufacturer, a family friend told DailyMail.com.

Martinez made a decision to buy in-flight Wi-Fi service.

Others compared Shults to Chelsey "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who in 2009 successfully landed a stricken US Airways passenger jet on the Hudson River.

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The meeting between Trump and Kim will mark the first time that a sitting USA president has met with a member of the Kim dynasty. There are reports that a major aspiration is the return of the heavily-fortified demilitarized zone (DMZ) would cease to exist.

"She was larger than life", said Senobia Szuch. "Do I text my mom, do I text my dad, my brother, my sister?" he said. The hard part is this is going to be very, very, very difficult.

"Everybody was crying and upset". "And you need to cherish the people that are around you and treat people kindly".

"While we at that time had an exclusion, she was in fact helping male pilots hone their skills", Flanders said.

After a Wednesday NTSB update, we now know more about what was happening just after the engine exploded.

For Kristopher Johnson, a single thought flooded his mind: his wife and 13-month-old son Jakob. "To be able to extrapolate that to the entire fleet, I'm not willing to do that right now". "Evidently the wrong person was taken from that flight", Dennis Miller said on Facebook in a posting that included colourful language to describe Martinez. However, many say the damage would have been much worse had it not been for Shults' calm and professionalism during the emergency landing.

The Washington Post reported that Shults served in the Navy for ten years.

She also posted an image of the ruined engine as the plane sat on the tarmac. "She has nerves of steel", Tumlinson told The Associated Press.

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However, Daniel Christian, with two wickets, brought things under control for DD to restrict Mumbai to a below-threatening score. They brutally punished Boult as 15 runs came in his second over, with Yadav hitting two fours and Lewis striking his first six .