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Worldwide inspectors have entered the Syrian town where an alleged chemical attack was carried out earlier this month, Syrian state media reports, after they had waited for days in the capital for permission from Syrian and Russian authorities.

Russian Federation and Syria had cited "pending security issues to be worked out" while inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons were denied access to the site of the alleged attack, said Ahmet Uzumcu, the director general of the OPCW. Douma was freed by Syrian government forces last week, after a Russia-brokered agreement with Jaysh al-Islam militants occupying the town resulted in their mass evacuation to Syria's north. Civilians who had been forced to endure life under the militants left the town through humanitarian corridors in their thousands. Recently after a chemical attack on a city of Syria where the rebels were holed up, British Prime Minister Theresa May had contacted Donald Trump and French Prime Minister and asked them to strike.

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Chemical weapons inspectors in Syria are to be given access to an alleged chemical attack site on Wednesday, Russia said.

The Associated Press spoke to survivors and witnesses who described being hit by gas.

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The US, UK and France say that, based on open source information and their own intelligence, they are confident chlorine and possibly a nerve agent were used. She told MPs on Monday there was "clear evidence" the Assad government was behind the Douma chemical weapons attack But Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said the action was "legally questionable".

"It is possible to conclude that this laboratory was used by illegal armed groups to produce poisonous substances", Mr Rodionov said.

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