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His daughter said his family was not aware that authorities took a DNA sample from him while he was lying in bed at the rehabilitation center until she was contacted by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in April 2017 and asked to help expand the family's genetic tree in the search for suspects.

The woman said Friday that investigators contacted her in April 2017 and told her they had taken a DNA sample from her 73-year-old father.

Handcuffed to a wheelchair in orange jail scrubs, the 72-year-old looked dazed and spoke in a faint voice to acknowledge he was represented by a public defender. The family moved to Canada in 1981 and Reamer says she quickly shed memories from the time. "He's been called the Eastside Rapist, he's been called the Visalia Ransacker, the Original Nighstalker, and the Golden State Killer".

In the 20 years they lived as neighbors, Sanchietti said he could recount speaking just a few words with DeAngelo on two occasions, once when they pushed a stalled vehicle out of the middle of the street.

Investigators have linked DeAngelo to 11 murders that occurred after he was sacked from the police department.

Jury Finds Bill Cosby Guilty of Aggravated Indecent Assault
The jury came back with guilty verdicts on all three counts of aggravated indecent assault Thursday in the trial of Bill Cosby . This jury began deliberating Wednesday around 11 a.m., and worked for more than 14 hours over two days to reach the verdict.

On an emergency episode of My Favourite Murder, Jensen said that he was told about the impending press conference late at night after spending the evening with Gone Girl author Gillian Flynn, and spent the next day speaking with MacNamara's ex-husband, comedian Patton Oswalt, feeling like the arrest wasn't reality. The man's last known crime was in 1986, when forensic use of DNA technology was just beginning.

Throughout their tour, McNamara and Holes talked DNA, the possible "geographic profiling" of the suspect, bloodhounds, tire tracks and the skill the man sometimes demonstrated in gaining entrance to the homes - and then evading police. It was the same technology that would lead investigators to former Auburn Police Officer Joseph DeAngelo.

She researched the case for three years and published a story in Los Angeles Magazine. "It became a No. 1 New York Times best-seller". Police believe he is the man who terrorized several California neighborhoods in the late-1970s and mid-1980s.

McNamara was almost finished with a book about the Golden State Killer when she passed away in 2016. The whole book resonated with me, but there's one particular sentence she wrote that's still rattling around in my head: "Seeking is the lever that tips our dopamine gush".

Overall, Dave, who now lives and works in the Tri-Valley, felt that their mother's killer was either dead already, or had left the country. She died in her sleep in 2016 at age 46.

ZTE Tells Suppliers China Trade Row May Be Factor in US Ban
Washington accused ZTE of violating an agreement on punishing employees after the company illegally shipped U.S. goods to Iran. Acacia, the Massachusetts-based optical interconnect components maker, is among the major affected American companies.

For Oswalt, the news of DeAngelo's arrest feels deeply personal.

"Even though the cops are never going to say it, your book helped get this thing closed", he said in an Instagram video, posted just before an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

Prosecutors say Joseph DeAngelo carried out his most violent crimes in the months after he was sacked for shoplifting in 1979. McNamara never identified DeAngelo in the book. He is suspected of killing 12 people and raping about 50 and could face more charges.

Because the crimes spanned 10 counties the culprit was later dubbed the Golden State Killer.

Pacers' Oladipo: LeBron goaltended on my shot
I mean, Oladipo is an All-Star for a reason and he puts so much pressure on your defense. "That layup is huge". He played for 22 minutes in this game-and scored 22 points on 11 shots-before even attempting a jumper.