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Temperatures plummeted again overnight, with Benson in Oxfordshire recording a low of -10C, but in most places the mercury hovered at between -4C and -7C.

The "Beast from the East", as Britain's media have named it, is expected to bring cold air from Russian Federation over the next few days that will make it feel even chillier than thermometers indicate.

The Siberian cold front - dubbed the "Beast from the East" in Britain, "Siberian bear" by the Dutch and the "snow cannon" by Swedes - has blanketed huge swathes of the region in snow and played havoc with transport networks.

The cold spell has been caused by a jump in temperatures high over the Arctic, known by meteorologists as sudden stratospheric warming, which has weakened the jet stream that brings warm air in from the Atlantic to Ireland and Britain.

Neurosurgeon Opens Head Of Wrong Patient
One required surgery to remove a blood clot to his brain, while the other needed only medication for a swollen head. Four surgeons have been suspended after they reportedly cut open the wrong patient's head in a hospital in Kenya .

On Sunday, a 35-year-old homeless man was found dead in the southeastern city of Valence, and two days earlier, a 62-year-old man died in his cabin in the woods outside Paris.

France has opened up extra emergency shelters for the homeless, and in Calais in northern France, about 200 migrants were spared the cold on Saturday night.

The city, which is not equipped to deal with snow emergencies due to their rarity, has asked other areas to send in snow ploughs to help clear roads.

The "Beast from the East" weather system, a plume of cold air from Russian Federation, has swept the continent, leading temperatures to drop to -20 degrees in some places.

United States envoy's retirement may hurt efforts to solve N. Korea crisis
In this February 29, 2016, photo, American student Otto Warmbier cries while speaking to reporters in Pyongyang, North Korea. His departure comes amid glimmers of hope for a diplomatic opening between Pyongyang and Washington.

Britain's weather service, the Met Office, forecast that northern England would have 10 centimetres (four inches) of snow over the next three days, amid temperatures that could feel as cold as minus 15 Celsius.

In Ireland, anxious residents were hoarding bread and milk as they braced for Thursday's arrival of a storm expected to bring the heaviest snowfall in decades. Ireland could see its worst snow since 1982.

"This week looks like being the coldest period we have had in the United Kingdom for a number of years", Britain's weather service, the Met Office, said on Sunday, warning of travel delays. At least five people died in incidents attributed to the weather.

Russian Federation vetoes United Nations resolution condemning Iran for involvement in Yemen
A United Nations report in January said Tehran had breached an arms embargo by failing to stop weapons reaching the Huthis. Iran's UN Mission said on February 26 that it " categorically rejects allegations regarding arms transfers to Yemen".