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There's no denying that users share some of the blame for allowing their contacts and call and text history to be collected with their own permission, just as they did when they allowed Cambridge Analytica to get not just their data but their friends' data, too.

But Aharon writes that Cloud Text-to-Speech provides plenty of capability even before WaveNet.

For years, Google has offered the ability to convert text to speech on a number of its services, such as search, Maps and Google Assistant. It has backed more than a dozen firms, including Aurima Inc., which is developing AI-powered sensors for autonomous vehicles.

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Well, the wait is over.

Google announced the integration of its text-to-speech synthesis with the Google Cloud Platform today in the form of Cloud Text-to-Speech.

It also allows developers to customise pitch, speaking rate and volume gain, and supports a variety of audio formats, including MP3 and WAV. Like 2008 Mumbai attacks, Pathankot case has also raised concerns over security breach which may provide loopholes via such service by Google and others. WaveNet came out of a research paper published roughly a year and a half ago, Aharon told me.

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In tests, people gave the updated US English WaveNet voices an average score of 4.1 out of 5-more than 20% better than for standard voices, reducing the gap with human speech by over 50%. "During training, the network extracts the underlying structure of the speech, for example which tones follow one another and what shape a realistic speech waveform should have". This resulted in improvements that allow the model to generate raw waveforms 1,000 times faster than the original model, as well as create waveforms with 24,000 samples a second. The add an address feature will enable the users to add places to Google Maps which were not there earlier. Including six WaveNet voices at start, then additional voices in coming months.

Google shared Cloud Text-to-Speech with alpha customers privately under NDA.

"It's the closest thing to human speech than we've seen before", he said.

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The add an addressing feature that can make the users able to add places to Google Maps which were not mentioned in the previous time.

Google on 28 March launched a voice synthesiser called "Cloud Text-to-Speech" which is powered by its Britain-based Artificial Intelligence (AI) subsidiary DeepMind. More than 11.6-million South Africans speak the language. "Imagine it's replacing an IVR". Disabled folks and people with strollers will find this very useful. Android would notify users that an app wanted to access the contacts.

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