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The social media giant, Facebook is restricting the advertisers' access to easily available third-party data.

Facebook isn't adding any new privacy settings, but it is simply making it easier for users to find them.

Facebook product marketing director Graham Mudd called this "common industry practice", but explained that the firm will be "winding down" the service over the next few months.

On Monday, the Federal Trade Commission said it is investigating Facebook over its privacy practices.

Data brokers are not a phenomenon nor is it new at that. The change is expected to take effect in the spring of 2018. The company now expects revenue in the range of $910 million to $915 million in the 2018 fiscal year.

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While the firm does not expect this announcement to be detrimental in the short-term, it admitted that it may end up losing $25 million in the next financial year.

Facebook declined to comment on how the change could affect its ad revenue.

Facebook earlier allowed the third-party brokers to get access to user data and advertisers to use personal information of users to help serve targeted ads to users through third-party data providers. These partners include companies such as Oracle Data Cloud, which touts on Facebook's Business page that "Oracle Data Cloud helps marketers target relevant audiences and measure digital campaigns with the best in offline, purchase-based data".

Instead of having settings spread across almost 20 different screens, they are now gathered in a single place.

You can manage the information Facebook uses to show you ads.

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Facebook's shares closed up 0.5% at $153.03 on Wednesday.

Brands need to become more aware of their responsibility to protect the data of consumers, including their Facebook fans. If in the good old days all companies knew were your habits about purchasing magazines and newspapers, now they can know very personal and confidential information like your sexual preferences, who your friends are and what shops you visited last week, because users share such intimate details on online social networks. The advertisers on Facebook themselves have their own compilation of user information.

It was uncertain whether the changes will satisfy lawmakers.

The ministry has raised five questions in all including whether the personal data of Indian voters and users has been compromised by Cambridge Analytica or any other downstream entity in any manner. It requires companies to give people a "right to portability"? to take their data with them - and lawmakers in the U.S. and Britain are still clamouring for Zuckerberg himself to explain how users' data ended up in the hands of Cambridge Analytica. CEO Mark Zuckerberg has recently responded to public scrutiny by asserting the platform will only promote publishers whose content is "trustworthy, informative and local". "Henceforth, they ask for access to the contacts while signing in for the first time from the app".

Rich, the former FTC consumer chief, said the investigation could take a year and would likely explore whether Facebook should have reacted more vigorously in 2015, when it received assurances from Cambridge Analytica that the data it received had been destroyed.

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