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China wants to deepen friendship with Taiwan, the ruling Communist Party's fourth-ranked leader said on Saturday, a day after state media warned China could go to war over Taiwan if a USA bill promoting closer ties with the island becomes law.

Currently, the Chinese constitution, which has been in effect since 1982, prohibits more than two terms for the president and the vice-president. As a dictator, ruthless administrator and a cult supremo, Mao presided over a decade of the Cultural Revolution, mass executions of intellectuals, party loyalists, dissenting pro-democracy leaders and hardworking peasants.

At the National People's Congress session in Beijing from 5 March, the Congress will consider amending the country's constitution. The reasoning why, however, is clear for those on the up with Chinese politics.

The coronation of Emperor Xi is in progress. "The one-China principle is the political foundation for US-China relations".

State network China Central Television broadcasts near-daily segments featuring anyone from factory workers and farmers to space engineers and soldiers applauding for Xi in uniform enthusiasm for several minutes.

'Sharp power' a new version of 'China threat' rhetoric
Embassy in Beijing didn't respond to a request for comment about the status of trade talks. The trade deficit for the USA amounted to over $370 billion previous year .

"This is absolutely unacceptable and it's a point we've made many times", Trudeau said.

"He's now president for life".

That said, as Li Datong, who circulated the open letter, rightly asserted, by abolishing the two-term limit, China is 'planting the seed once again of chaos.' The key reason why Mao, Kim and other dictators rule badly or catastrophically is that not only does absolute power corrupt absolutely and demoralizes as a 19th-century put it, but also an absolute ruler tends to act blindly and uncontrollably.

China today formally began its well-choreographed annual Parliament season during which a constitutional amendment removing the two-term limit for President Xi Jinping is expected to be ratified, paving the way for his continuation in power, possibly for life.

These struggles were the result of Xi's hero, Mao Zedong.

Police respond to shots fired at Central Michigan University
CMU says those planning to come to campus today to pick students up for spring break should stay off campus until further notice. Rick Snyder (R) said on Twitter that he was in contact with state police and local authorities as they investigated the matter.

Towards Thailand's south east, Australia is already reeling under allegations of turning into a client state. Try winning a dispute in China's courts under despot Xi without the power of the European Union behind you. His Belt and Road initiative intends to link China with Central Asia and Europe, which attempts a wildly ambitious reshaping of the global economic order.

It says the administration "has not simply sought to eliminate Nafta but has made great efforts to alleviate uncertainty for those Americans who rely on it".

Now is the time to address China's "abuses", The Economist warns, because it will be "more dangerous" to challenge them later. The truth is the opposite - and reveals with savage starkness the impossible dilemmas facing the Chinese leadership. "And he has personalised his rule to an extent he may regret if the economy or foreign policy goes badly awry", the editorial noted. Xi's father was Communist royalty - one of the founders of the party, and at one time its general secretary - and he himself was a "princeling' who spent his early years in very comfortable circumstances".

The western media " s focus on the perils of "individualistic rule" mirrored closely with the official United States statement that "strong institutions are more important than individual leaders". As second largest economy of the world, Beijing is only a few statistical points away from dislodging the US from the coveted post of global super power and super cop. Larger countries like the U.S., Japan, India and Australia are forced to counterbalance Xi's power by becoming more hard-lined on China and created a quad grouping to deal with Chinese actions, according to Green. Externally, it wants to play a much bigger role in world affairs, to which China (as also India) is fully entitled.

Based on the current rhetoric, it seems likely that as soon as Liu arrives back in Beijing from a fruitless USA trip, China will make the next move in a budding trade war.

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As reported by the BBC, Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, will marry the pair, while the Dean of Windsor , the Rt. In a statement released on the official Twitter account for Kensington Palace , it was revealed that 'Prince Harry and Ms.

Ding said China's communist party leaders need to answer the public's questions and concerns and clarify whether the move is meant to give Xi lifelong tenure or just to allow him to stay in office a little longer.