In addition, players who pre-purchase Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition via Steam before May 1 will be able to claim the free Half-Life pack via Steam Workshop. The demo will give players a taste of the real-time combat, NVIDIA Game Works enhancements and characters that FFXV has to offer.

From now until 1 May, anyone who buys the title on Steam will get the orange HEV suit, glasses and crowbar.

All three platforms will have a demo available on February 26, which will let you play the entirety of the game's first chapter before the full version launches the following week.

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Ferrari are tipped to introduce a longer wheelbase on their 2018 vehicle to bring them more in line with Mercedes' configuration. The new challenger has a longer wheelbase to move it more into line with rival Mercedes' design.

We're sure there's a joke about Half-Life 3 in there somewhere.

Steam purchases also includes access to the "FFXV Fashion Collection" which is comprised of various stat boosting tees for Noctis. The game is now available on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, while Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition recently made its way to mobile on both Android and Apple iOS devices.

Origin - Access to the "FFXV Decal Selection" which comes with a selection of alternate skins for the crew's vehicle.

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Previously Square Enix also released the Final Fantasy XV Official Benchmark a couple weeks ago.

This isn't the only recent example of Square Enix toying with other franchises; Final Fantasy XV protagonist Noctis appeared in Tekken 7, while characters from that game have made an appearance in Assassin's Creed: Origins. Save data from the Windows 10 versions of FFXV Windows Edition is compatible with the Xbox One version of FFXV.

That is probably the last headline you ever thought you would read when it comes to Half-Life and the series' hero, Gordon Freeman. "An official changelist will be released with the launch of the full release".

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