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In a written response to the report, the BBC has promised to reduce the gender pay gap by granting higher pay rises to the women in question, noting that these proposals are subject to consultation.

Following the publication of the pay of talent earning more than £150,000 previous year, the BBC has been involved in controversy over the discrepancy of pay among employees, with Carrie Gracie resigning from her role as China editor in protest at inequalities.

"We want to help women progress in their career and have set out ambitious targets to close the gender pay gap, as well as for half of roles on air and in senior management to be filled by women".

"We have found that the BBC has a set of pay arrangements for this group which lack a consistent evaluation and governance framework", PwC said.

Gracie stepped down as China editor in early January, saying she was dismayed to discover the BBC's two male worldwide editors earned "at least 50% more" than their two female counterparts.

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It also planned to introduce a £320,000 cap on presenters' salaries, as well as increased pay for some men and women.

But the review, conducted by auditors PwC, was rejected by BBC Women, a group that represents 170 female staff.

A review published on Tuesday said there was "no evidence of gender bias in pay decision-making" at the BBC. Britain's BBC could be doomed unless it makes radical changes, the head of its governing trust said on Sunday, after its director general quit to take the blame for the airing of false child sex abuse allegations against a former politician. Yet it confidently asserts there is "no evidence" of gender bias in pay decisions, merely some "anomalies that need addressing".

A BBC statement said: "We are very grateful to Huw Edwards, Nicky Campbell, John Humphrys, Jon Sopel, Nick Robinson and Jeremy Vine, who have agreed that their pay will now be reduced".

We are proud to have them working at the BBC. "I am determined that we will". That means the likes of Gary Lineker and Chris Evans, who are at the top of the pay scale, were not included.

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"We believe the BBC must put these matters right by admitting the problem, apologizing and setting in place an equal, fair and transparent pay structure".

The BBC was embarrassed past year when a list of top earners showed that two-thirds of the best-paid workers were men.

The report was commissioned amid claims of sexist BBC pay policies.

After leaving her post as China editor, Gracie is now returning to the BBC newsroom in London, saying she expects to be "paid equally". It has also admitted that it needs to act quickly if Tony Hall is to come good on his pledge to solve the problem of gender pay disparity by 2020.

The NUJ's evidence to the committee quotes Samira Ahmed, the BBC Radio 4 arts presenter, describing the feeling of being paid much less for the same work for years "as though bosses had naked pictures of you in their office and laughed every time they saw you".

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