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"Like, even Ivan the awful would be like, 'You killed them for what? And un-American. Somebody said 'treasonous, '" he said, pointing at the audience. "Why not?" he said.

Exit question: We're lucky Democrats are above accusing their opponents of being un-American and treasonous, aren't we? "Why not. They certainly didn't seem to love our country very much".

"That's what it means", Trump said during an address on tax reform at a manufacturing plant in Ohio.

The US President's shocking accusation drew criticism from other politicians and the general public.

Watch the President's comments above.

The two top Republicans in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, declined to comment.

Syria, Russia escalate air raids on rebel-held areas
The SOHR and state media also said that shells fired by rebels in the Eastern Ghouta had killed three people in government-held parts of Damascus.

Trump says it was "not a good day" for Pelosi.

As they headed out on Monday, the president and first lady chatted as they walked from the Oval Office to the helicopter that would take them to Joint Base Andrews for the flight to Ohio. "That is not how democracy works".

After recounting sobering stories from North Korea, Trump extoled the American people as a nation of dreamers and encouraged them to show the global community the strength of Americans.

The only way for our country to move forward from this point is for all politicians to set aside their differences and do what's right for the people, not their respective party. But in identifying the event as an official one, the White House signaled that the taxpayer would pick up the tab.

In an ironic but perhaps telling bit of political timing, Trump's speech came as he was weighing a request by House Republicans to make public, despite opposition from his own Justice Department, a controversial document allegedly challenging some initial steps in its Russian Federation probe.

Trump suggested that his leadership was the difference in turning around the economy.

England provide first test as Ronald Koeman is announced as Netherlands manager
Nico-Jan Hoogma, now with Heracles, was also named a top sports director and assistant for Koeman by the KNVB. He later transferred to Ajax, where he became known for his powerful right-foot.

"I don't really care what Senator Flake has to say". Wouldn't be good. That, I can tell you.

The president delivered his remarks as the Dow Jones Industrial Average nose-dived down more than 1,500 points before rebounding before the closing bell. Every Trump fan would lose their mind if Barack Obama had said the same thing, even in jest.

They want to be part of "A New American Moment". But Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, again showing his primary interest is promoting himself, gave his own response, and other groups featured prominent African-American Trump critics, California Rep. Maxine Waters and former Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards.

Trump has a history, too, that casts his Cincinnati show in darker hues. He has visited the city twice as president after frequent campaign stops in 2016.

"If they ever got in and took over, your taxes would go way up".

"Well, she's a rich woman who lives in a big, handsome house in California who wants to give all of your money away, and she talked about 'crumbs, '" said the resort-owning President.

Low radiation risk found in cell phones, according to new study
Female rats exposed to the radiation didn't, and neither male nor female mice showed obvious health problems in a second study. In real life, humans are exposed to cellphone radiation at a rate that is "very, very, very much lower than what we studied".

"When you see these thugs being thrown into the back of a paddy wagon, you just see them thrown in - rough". I'm going to send him a letter of thank you.