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They say if the pods are less attractive, it might quell what's become known on social media as the "Tide Pod challenge," where teenagers record themselves biting down on the pods.

In a letter addressed to Taylor from the two Democratic lawmakers on January 29, they say they are encouraged by the company's willingness to work with them on this matter.

"Bright colored detergent pods look like candy, they look like toys", said Simotas, who introduced the bill in the Assembly. "The recent "Tide Pod Challenge" has created a new category of victims, with 86 cases of intentional exposure in the first three weeks of 2018 alone".

"We're asking for all laundry detergent pods to be uniform in color", Hoylman said.

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CSX in its own statement offered condolences to the families of the two Amtrak employees who were killed in the crash. The only way the Amtrak train could have gotten onto the siding was for a switch to have been thrown, Anderson said.

"We want to make sure these poisonings are prevented".

"They're squishy, they smell sweet and they look like gummy bears", Hoylman said, according to.

"We need to impose clear warning labels on all packaging, including each pod".

The American Association of Poison Control Centers says more than 10,000 cases of young kids being exposed to single-load detergent packets were reported last year - and another 606 have already come in this year. Legislators say that this is due to their color and packaging.

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Exit question: We're lucky Democrats are above accusing their opponents of being un-American and treasonous , aren't we? "Why not. The two top Republicans in Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, declined to comment.

As for individual wrapping, the company said it believes doing so would "not be helpful in reducing incidents and may have unintended consequences", such as accidental ingestion and the environmental impact of adding plastic wrapping.

In response YouTube began removing videos of teens eating Tide Pods and Tide started a campaign pleading with consumers to keep the pods out of their mouths. "Tide is also available in a liquid and powder product form", the company's statement continued.

"They key is that you just shouldn't eat it", he said.

The lawmakers ask that even though their potential legislation would only affect New Yorkers, that Procter & Gamble and all other manufactures of the pods commit to their suggested measures.

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