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They include autoplaying videos, full-screen popups, and full-screen "scroll over" ads. It is Google's own way of bringing sanity to how its Chrome browser is being used.

First announced by the tech giant in April a year ago, Google's ad-blocking feature - set by default - will filter out intrusive ads deemed to interrupt the user experience online as well as those not conforming to the Coalition for Better Ads standards.

The idea is not to block adverts in the traditional "let's starve the revenue of the site because we think everything should be free" sense, but rather the "adverts are important, but some of them are absolutely ridiculous and intrusive, so let's nip that in bud" sense.

Google wants to keep your web experience smooth and less distracting.

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Knapp says Google can afford to put a stop to pop-ups and sticky ads.

Users of the browser-that is to say, well over half the people who surf the web-will no longer see any ads at all on websites that regularly throw up such annoyances. Those again are rather in discriminatory as it tends to block all ads and not just the annoying ones.

Google today implemented its ad-blocking filter, hiding content from websites that don't conform to its Better Ads Standards.

All of the above can also be linked to Google's own survival given its heavy reliance on ads for its revenue.

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Site owners will be given an opportunity to review their sites according to regulations for re-evaluation. In the detailed Chromium blog, Google explains how the ad filtering works.

Chrome will send email to the site owners about their status. If such site falls within that category, messages sent to the internet by the browser will be blocked.

If so, network requests on the page - such as those for JavaScript or images - are checked against a list of known ad-related URL patterns.

Here are a few things to know about the new Google Chrome ad blocker. For now, now word has been said about the availability of the feature on iOS. And being that Chrome accounts for 58.4 percent of the browser market, it's sure to make an impact on the way in which we use the internet.

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Some critics argue that Google's new ad-blocking technology will serve as just another way to cement its dominance in the digital ad duopoly that exists between it and Facebook.