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The drone was shot down by an Israeli Air Force attack helicopter just a minute and a half after entering Israeli airspace.

A "furious" phone call from Putin "was enough to make Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel cancel the plans", Bergman writes. "On every front of this conflict, we find fighters imported by Iran from Lebanon, Iraq, and Afghanistan", she said, adding that Hezbollah is also directly behind the atrocities committed by Syrian regime.

A final report on the downing of an IDF plane in last weekend's incident, in which Israeli planes shot down an Iranian drone, is due next Tuesday, but details of the report presented Friday show that the greatest likelihood of a reason for the loss of the plane was due to a technical problem with the plane itself.

He has also benefited from Washington's near-complete departure from the field of play under the Donald Trump regime. Similarly, Turkey has invaded Afrin against the objections of the United States and others and has essentially been given a green light to do so by the Syrian government and its regional allies.

This also shows how irrelevant Tillerson and US foreign policy have become. Russian Federation and the U.S.in particular have a strong interest in denying Iran such freedom of action, and they are the main parties that should be working to ensure Iranian restraint, and its ultimate departure from Syria. While there are nearly no limits on the amount of aggression Israel can inflict on Palestinians, Syria is a far more complicated battlefield involving major world powers.

The Bashar Assad government in Syria had warned Israel on February 13 that it faced "more surprises" if Israel were to launch future attacks on Syrian territory.

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After Moscow intervened in the war in 2015 on behalf of Assad, it deployed its own air defence system, including the highly sophisticated S-400 batteries.

The Israeli assessment is that Putin is interested in helping his pal Bashar Assad in re-imposing his control over Syria, such as its airspace, and this includes launching missiles at Israeli aircraft that are bent on keeping arch-enemy Iran at bay.

"We will do everything that is needed in order to prevent Iranian consolidation in Syria". Tehran's aims are twofold, according to a report published last week by the International Crisis Group. Except none of the conditions that caused the civil war in the first place, or the rivalries that helped perpetuate it, had gone away.

Turkey opened a new front in Syria's almost 7-year-old war on January 20, launching an offensive against the US -backed Syrian Kurdish militia in the northwestern enclave of Afrin.

On Friday, Minister of Construction Yoav Galant said at a conference that Israel has thus far been cautious in fighting Iran's military buildup in Syria and that in the future it will exert much stronger power. There was no American call for restraint, no warning to Syria and Iran and no effort to coordinate with the Russians. One F-16I fighter-bomber was shot down and crashed in northern Israel, injuring the pilot and navigator.

Hezbollah, intermittently, has also threatened to attack Israeli platforms in the Mediterranean extracting natural gas. We should not forget that Israel has been targeting military installations in Syria since very early on in the conflict and has been quite successful in doing so.

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Beyond the Shi'ite Axis, there have been some doubts in Israel against the backdrop of last Saturday's events regarding the strategic understandings between Jerusalem and Moscow.

Netanyahu has never been satisfied with this agreement, arguing that the exclusion zone is too small, and that there are no mechanisms to enforce the ban on Iranian troops and their client militias.

These five facts explain just some of the foreign clashes now raging in Syria.

Chagai Tzuriel, who heads the Israeli Ministry of Intelligence, echoed the FDD: "If you (Americans) are committed to countering Iran in the region, then you must do so in Syria-first".

Equally unacceptable for Israel is the permanent presence of Iranian proxy forces in Syria, such as Hezbollah, or the construction of factories to produce high-precision missiles for those militias. "Unless it does, the rules of the Syrian game are likely to be worked out through attack and response, with risk of escalation". "Putin's strategic goal has been to establish Russian Federation as the key power broker in the Middle East".

Per the Times of Israel, Saturday's conflict was not the start of a war, but it most probably is the start of an extended period of tension and border conflicts.

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