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While waiting for the patch to roll out, developers have also announced (see below) that anti-cheat protection system BattlEye has already blocked ReShade, an advanced processing third-party tool that enhances graphics.

With cheaters becoming more and more of a plague for the PUBG community, news on February 6th about a delay for the highly anticipated new anti-cheat update was the last thing that players of the game wanted to hear.

Not much more detail was given on the PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds official forums, except to announce that ReShade has now officially been blocked by the game's security tech.

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Elsewhere, the studio revealed that some players may be required to reinstall PUBG in order to get back into the action. We will soon update you when it will be released.

In addition, here are some other measures we have taken to effectively block and prevent cheat programs. "Thank you for your understanding".

Not all of those competitors are playing by the rules, however, and developer Bluehole has been waging a high-profile war against those looking to gain an unfair advantage.

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In a report via PCGamesN, BattleEye, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds anti-cheat department has reported that over one million cheaters were banned from the game in January alone.

PUBG Corp.is taking cheating extremely seriously. Between launch and the end of 2017, 1.5 million players were banned after being caught cheating.

As for the source of all of these cheaters, it seems that the community agrees with BattlEye's assessment from a year ago - the comments of the Steam Community news post are filled with demands that the developers region-lock China. PUBG players won't be banned if ReShade is detected on their system but they will not be able to play the game until and unless they uninstall it. Do you think China should be region-locked?

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