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If the National Security Agency is monitoring a Russian spy within Russia and he gets a call from an American, Section 702 permits us intelligence officers to continue listening without asking a judge for a warrant.

WELNA: That's House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi trying to persuade fellow Democrats to vote for the bill. The final vote was 256 to 164. Paul has threatened to filibuster the bill when it reaches the Senate. Missouri Sens. Claire McCaskill, a Democrat, and Roy Blunt, a Republican, voted in favor. Rand Paul, Kentucky Republican. It permits the NSA and other security agencies to, without a warrant, collect the emails and other communications of foreigners overseas, the New York Times reported. The government has more than 100,000 "targets" for surveillance, and collects hundreds of millions of communications per year. Some privacy groups said it would actually expand the NSA's surveillance powers.

It would have required law enforcement agencies to obtain a warrant before being able to obtain data on Americans who might have been in touch with foreign targets.

It's just one part of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. "That's what the FISA act is supposed to do".

Two years ago, in 2016, privacy groups scored a victory when they convinced Congress to stop another NSA program exposed by Snowden, one that collected bulk metadata on United States phone call records.

"If this underlying bill fails, there's one of two things that will happen: the status quo will be continued, meaning no additional privacy protections, or even worse, we go dark, 702 goes down and we don't know what terrorists are up to", Ryan said.

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When pressed for the president's personal reaction, Gidley said he had not spoken to Trump on that topic specifically. In a statement, Trump said Bannon has nothing to do with his presidency and has " lost his mind ".

Napolitano said that the president's "woes began with unlawful foreign surveillance and unconstitutional domestic surveillance of him" before he assumed office. Notably, 45 Republicans voted against it. "We think that is unconstitutional, hugely problematic, and we're here to defend the rights of the American people", added Amash.

In a recent speech, Wray said: "I'm going to say this over and over and over again".

What exactly does that mean, and does 702 allow the surveillance of American citizens, even incidentally? They noted that he probably got his information from watching Fox News.

Some lawmakers said the data collection is small, but others said it was a "huge amount". By design, this dragnet includes intimate and private communications with individuals in the US, and very likely disproportionately impacts immigrants, journalists, and global businesses that more frequently engage in overseas communications.

The new bill reauthorizes 702 for six years, giving Congress a chance to come back in the future and revisit it. I want reauthorization with reform.

A House effort to amend the bill and require the federal government to obtain warrants before searching for Americans' information failed Thursday by a vote of 233 to 183.

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On Thursday morning, the USA president tweeted that the programme had been used by the Obama administration to "so badly surveil and abuse the Trump campaign".

It was a striking contradiction between Trump's dueling identities as a man, often guided by impulses, grievances and what he sees on television, and Trump the president, responsible for taking a broader view of government and security issues.

The FISA-created procedure, enacted in defiance of the Fourth Amendment - which makes no distinction between government evidence gathering and government intelligence gathering - permits a secret court in Washington to issue general warrants based on the government's need to gather intelligence about national security from foreigners among us.

A key vote in the House today split both Republicans and Democrats and some might say President Trump himself.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats calls the intelligence the "holy grail" that provides insight into the thinking and actions of USA adversaries.

"This is about foreign terrorists on foreign soil", Ryan said.

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