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Robbie is in the Oscar conversation this year for her performance in I, Tonya and previously worked with DiCaprio in The Wolf of Wall Street. DiCaprio played the main villain of that movie, Calvin Candie. Not only was his first appearance in a QT movie - Django Unchained - the high point of his career to date, but this will also be DiCaprio's first project since his Oscar-winning turn in The Revenant.

Fans were delighted when DiCaprio finally won the world, considering the upset after he didn't win because of his role in Django Unchained as the racist slaveowner in the Antebellum South.

CES 2018: Intel CEO Vows To Fix Meltdown And Spectre Issues
During his keynote speech yesterday Krzanich also discussed some details surrounding Intel's new automated driving platform . Intel's neuromorphic prototype chip "Loihi" is now fully functioning and will be shared with research partners this year.

The Hollywood Reporter revealed in July of a year ago that Tarantino was in the final stages of completing the script, and that one of the film's arcs will focus on Sharon Tate, then an actress and the wife of director Roman Polanski.

It's said DiCaprio will play an aging, out-of-work actor in the film. A deal has not been finalized just yet, but that is expected to change in the foreseeable future.

California leaders vow to fight Trump expansion of offshore oil drilling
Nelson described the plan as "an assault on Florida's economy, our national security, the will of the public and the environment". In the meantime, the Trump administration has two economic arguments that buttress the case for more oil and gas production .

According to Deadline, Tarantino wants Margot Robbie to play Tate. Rather, it will be a Pulp Fiction-esque film that simply takes place at the time of the Manson murders in Hollywood. While the role is said to be "meaty", nearly no specific details have been released about the plot or the character. Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt have also been contacted for roles. Find more details on DiCaprio joining the Tarantino Manson Family movie cast below.

It will be interesting to see how the movie shakes out, once it has fully come together. The studio, Sony Pictures, acquired the right to promote and distribute the film which will be released in August of 2019, August 9th to be exact. Using the Manson Murders as a backdrop is a flawless fit for the director's sensibilities and creative outlook.

Eliot Wolf joining revamped Browns front office
Wolf was in high demand after being passed over for the general manager's job with the Green Bay Packers . It's a big loss for Green Bay, and potentially another sign that their grip on the NFC North is slipping.