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Museum and library buildings will be joined by a space called the "Forum", where, according to the former U.S. president, "anybody can come together for some local programming, or to gather for larger-scale events in an auditorium, maybe record something in a broadcast studio, or just have a bite to eat".

Charles Lipson, a political scientist at the University of Chicago, which sits just blocks away from the center's future location, said Mr. Obama is "indulging himself" by building "a monument along the lakefront, where it will have a lot less positive impact than it could have had elsewhere". "That location, which President Obama rejected, would have been an unambiguous boon to the community and to Chicago".

Turkey summons U.S. charges d'affaires
Iran has its own strategic goals in "finishing off" what remains from the opposition forces in Idlib. Russia's relations with Turkey have suffered a blow due to the latest developments in Syria.

The Obama Center as now planned will not provide the promised development or economic benefits to the neighborhoods.

Another concern stems from the plan to hand over large portions of historic public parks to the Obama Foundation for use in building the venue. Jackson Park, designed by Frederick Law Olmsted, is on the National Register of Historic Places and is one of the most important urban parks in the nation. What happens to Olmsted's vision for Jackson Park will now be determined by a federal review, the city of Chicago and the Obamas.

Warren: 'I don't know' if Americans want another celebrity president like Oprah
Someone from his team reached out to her to see if she would talk to him, and she said she would if it was for an interview . I do think that. "It's clear you don't need government experience to be elected president of the United States ", she said.

"While we don't expect everyone to agree with every element of the plan, we look forward to working with people across the community and the city to make the most of the opportunity to create a global destination that will showcase the South Side to the world", a spokesperson for the Obama Foundation said. Obama once wanted to be an architect, in 2011 he said, "When I was younger, there was a time I dreamed of being an architect. The majority of the space will be free and open to the public". "Overall, this is a socially regressive plan". Finally, it is the taxpayers of Chicago who are going to be forced to pay hundreds of millions of dollars for this project, according to estimates by the Chicago Department of Transportation. Not only are public lands being given to a private entity but the public will pay to have Cornell Drive closed and Stony Island Avenue and Lake Shore Drive widened.

We're sure the new 3D renderings for the park - released Wednesday - will only throw fuel on that fire.

Isro successfully launches PSLV rocket, 100th satellite Cartosat-2 placed into orbit
The total weight of all the satellites is estimated around 1323 kg, as per ISRO's official website. Today's launch shows problems from last year's failure were addressed and fixed, ISRO said.