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Hamill's eulogy comes right around the same time that he offered another farewell to Carrie Fisher, who portrayed his sister Leia Organa. Evazan and Ponda Baba do cameos on the streets of Jedha in Rogue One, one of many fan-serving Easter eggs director Gareth Edwards included in the 2016 film.

In a nutshell, Curtis' Star Wars character is a promising plastic surgeon whose revolutionized medical techniques but ended up hurting his patients. The actor appeared as Dr. Cornelius Evazan in 1977's A New Hope during the film's iconic Mos Eisley cantina scene.

Mark Hamill took to Twitter to pay tribute to Alfie Curtis and remembered him as "funny and kind".

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"As horrific as he was on-camera, off-camera he was amusing, kind and a real gentleman".

"No one's ever really gone..." In addition to his memorable role in Star Wars, Curtis also had roles in the 1980 film The Elephant Man, the "80s TV series Cribb and the 1986 TV miniseries Lost Empires".

Hoards of fans have taken to Twitter to mourn the actor's death.

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"His "I don't like you either" line was absolute perfection. You had the death sentence on twelve systems but you'll forever live on in our nightmares and our hearts", one person tweeted.

While Evazan only made this short appearance in A New Hope, other Star Wars comics and sites expanded on the character's backstory.

What was his cause of death?

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